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How to Save a Sexless Marriage.

More than 20M Americans are not having sex despite being married. Thus, if this is your current reality you should not be too worried. Even so, you need to decide on what to do. Marriage is not a roommate situation but rather the stage where you get to be intimate as frequently as possible. A sexless marriage signifies issues that are deep-rooted and you have to handle them.

Sex has its advantages and if your sex life is dormant you won’t get these perks. There are many things to use in rekindling the romance in your marriage. In going back to romance in the relationship you should start a sex diary. You ought to pick a specific time or day to have sex. You will be looking forward to being intimate with your partner when you have it written down. Also, the anticipation will increase the excitement.

Having sex regularly keeps you on the mood which is why your calendar should have this. The key to fixing a sexless marriage might also be a trip which can be abroad or just across town in a nice hotel room. You just have to leave the house for something new. Ensure it is the two of you spending quality time. Those who have children should get a babysitter and you should take a few days away from work. This means you will not be worried about the everyday pressures. When you only have to concentrate on your partner you will connect. It is also a peaceful environment. The importance of communication in a marriage cannot be emphasized. Healthy relationships thrive when there is communication. A sexless marriage is not the kind of a thing you would want to discuss but it is part of fixing it.

Have this talk with your lover when you are not in the bedroom and discuss all the ways you can find solutions. You have to take the time to listen and it should be a non-confrontational discussion. What you think might be the issue might not be. When you address the problems it will not be difficult for you to rekindle the romance. You do not have to stop talking about sex. When you are having healthy sex discussions it will be easy for your relationship to grow strong. Another important factor for you to think about is therapy as a couple if need be.