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What You Should Know about a Ketogenic Diet

Nutritionists have criticized ketogenic diets, but it is still a popular diet. The diet has low carbs and the body has to use its stored glucose when a person is on this diet. The body also focuses on burning fat. It might not be easy to decide whether to choose this diet or not, but this article will be giving a few insights concerning the keto diet. The paragraphs below will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of this diet and you can learn more here.

The diet has fewer carbohydrates. The person on this diet does not experience any hunger pangs. And so it is easy to stick to. You can not experience hunger pangs when on this diet, making it easy to stick to. In the initial stages, a person also experience weight loss because they have cut on carbs. The low-carb intake allow for fat to get burned in the body, resulting in the rapid weight loss. The body also decreases the level of insulin which means that less glucose will get stored in the body. These initial stages that you will witness the shedding of extra weight might be what you love most because you probably desire weight loss when you are getting on a diet.

The other advantage of this diet is that it decreases subcutaneous fat which tends to stick in body organs and causes a number of diseases. Many people wish for the elimination of subcutaneous fat, whether a performance athlete or a worker bee and this diet helps a great deal. The diet is a breakthrough to the burning of fat in the body. As a result, diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack can be kept away from the body of the person on the diet.

This diet, however, leads to the reduction of muscle mass. When the body has entered in into ketosis, there is an increase in the burning of glucose that is stored in the body. This is discouraged by nutritionists who advocate against severe loss of calories. This can result in the loss of the muscle mass of the individual.

The other disadvantage of a ketogenic diet is that a dietician has to watch over the person on the diet. It has to happen that way because not all bodies can withstand this mild form of diabetes. The body required carbohydrates and the diet might not supply the body of carbs adequately. The diet still faces a lot of criticism but a person needs to research the good and bad of this diet. These are some of the advantages and disadvantages if a keto diet.